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SUGOI Piston 200 Compression Tights win Editor's Choice Award

"220 Triathlon, the UK's biggest and best-selling triathlon magazine, tested SUGOI's new Piston 200 Compression Tight in their January edition. The compression tights won the ""EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD"" - a highly sought after award from the 20-year-old publication.

 ""If you've never ventured into recovery garments or tried SUGOI clothing, this is a great garment to do both in one leap,"" the article states.

The Piston 200 tights were described as ""brilliantly ergonomic"" and the writer noted that the tight ""makes the wearer feel like their muscles are warm and protected.""

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Also featured in the article was the SUGOI RS Zero, which is said to permit ""great flexibility on and off the bike"". Noted too was the RS Zero's ""superb fit for the most dynamic of riders!""


Posted on Aug 1, 2011