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Helpful Gear for Spring Running In Boston -


One item I tried was the HydroLite Jacket, which is priced at $120 (note: if you search Amazon and/or Google you'll probably be able to find it for slightly less). The jacket I wore was the white/smoke color, which made me really visible to cars - a huge positive. I usually run in a Brooks jacket, and found this one to be much different. It felt lighter, and while it wasn't quite as warm, it did an amazing job blocking out the wind. It was also really comfortable, and I was able to wear

layers underneath without having them bunch up.

The other item I tried out was their Piston 140 Arm Sleeve, which is $40. I'd actually never worn arm sleeves before, but had considered them a few different times. This gave me an opportunity to try them, and I've completely fallen in love. They are absolutely perfect for those days where it's too warm for a long-sleeve shirt but too cold for a t-shirt or jersey. What I really like about them, is that it keeps your arms warm without making the rest of your body sweat excessively (and then freeze,

making you colder). They're also easy to hold if you decide to take the off mid-run. I'd highly recommend these to anyone - especially for spring races where you're not sure what to wear,

as it's a great option to have in those instances.

So as you train through the spring, for the Boston Marathon or any other April/May race, make sure you have the right gear to meet all of our uncertain weather conditions.


Posted on Aug 1, 2011